Metering Really Does Matter

I received a call recently from an electricity supplier saying they wanted to issue retrospective charges to one of our Clients. Nothing new there!


When I went to the former multi-occupancy site to check out the meter concerned, I found the thing face down on the floor.


I took a picture of it showing the meter serial number, the readings and the fact that it wasn't connected and sent it off to the supplier. No surprise that they said they'd have to go and have a look for themselves!


We proved that the supplier's claim was wrong and stopped the Client from being billed just short of £8,000.


In addition, I found 18 redundant meters at this site propped against the meter room wall on wooden backboards and was told that a man called every month to read them.


When I queried this, the site security man told me that he did that "because he's very conscientious and he gets paid per meter read".


It turned out that he read the meters on behalf a wine merchants - who actually had left the building 8 years ago.


So, the man reads the meters that aren't connected for a company that's no longer there!

I wonder what happens to those readings? I hope they're not going on your bill.


So, please don't forget to check the meter readings on your bills and make sure you challenge anything that looks wrong. Make sure you only pay for what you're getting.


And, do it every time you get a bill. Failing that, gives us a ring on 0161 300 4488 and we'll sort it for you.